Saturday, August 30, 2008

Roll on summer ...

I'm over this cold shit geezus !
here's something to tide us over...


Woy Woy Road Open

Yes it's open finally and acually quicker than most had thought , widely reported on the web on many local bogs that seem to be popping up , here's some I regularly visit and some new blogs as well ( pinched some off Spikes site lol )
This isn't Sydney - A long running popular blog owned by Spike , lot's of local pics of buildings , waterways and wildlife
Family Art Stories - A site owned by local artist Mike Rubbo looking at his family art history
Life Begins at 80 - A site owned by Mike's mate , Eric Shackle a local resident and blogger
and some new ones
Blinovs Blog
A photo a day
Ettalong Beach Reporter
The Gosford Times

Woy Woy