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Gosford Glyphs 2010 Update

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The discussion about the Egyptian Heiroglyphs have surfaced once again as the developers try to move into Bambara Road at Kariong in 2010
Many are happy to dismiss them as fakes and just as many believe they are real and many people believe those people...
Of course if they were real our history would have been re-written long ago , but rumours and people's beliefs cloud our judgement some times ( not all of us though ! )
Once the story of the glyphs reached the web it also garnered a new following of "new agers" and self declared experts and theorists , for which the carvings validated their beliefs in nice colour photographs.

Despite being presented with valid scientific proof and reports from a variety of experts , it seems some will reject all and continue with the myth.
Most of this seems to stem from a man named Ray Johnson who supposedly translated the glyphs and sent the results to a few experts overseas and the local authorities in Australia.
While we have copies of the letters he sent , we do not have any of the replies , so the translations have never been verified or acted upon.
Ray Johnson claimed he had written 4 volumes about Egyptian heiroglyphs and language and that it was accepted by the Musuem of Antiquities in Cairo.
In the letters I have Ray never states his qualifications other than the fact he is a researcher.
This all happened nearly 15 years after the NPSW , Gosford Council and Sydney University carried out studies and declared the work fake.

All the experts agree that the symbols are badly done and are probably carved by someone who was studying Egypt or was copying what he saw in a book.
So it is true some of the symbols actually are real and spell out words , this must not be confused as them being translated into the story as told by Ray Johnson
It also doesn't mean that they were carved by the Egyptians either , nearby dated Aboriginal carvings are around 250 years old and are much more eroded.

A property located within 60 metres of the glyph site existed from around 1929 , the owner was E.F Gilford who was so fascinated with the local Aboriginal carvings , that he wrote an article for the local newspaper in 1931.
E.F Gilford scoured the land around his home and recorded many sites unknown to anyone at the time , later in 1960 he was aided by a local researcher B. Pankhurst and they mapped and photographed every Aboriginal site in the Kariong area.
Remember Mr Gilfords property boundary ( in red ) was only 60 metres away from the glyphs site and he lived there for over 25 years.
2 other private holdings were in the area owned by Follan who had a pig farm and the Camerons who had a house and farm.
By that time the area had been extensively surveyed for roads , power lines , mineral and scientific explorations , the army in both wars and Lyre Trig was built just 120 metres away from the carvings.
With all that activity not one person or valid report exists of the glyphs prior to 1975
Parish maps of the area note the locations of Aboriginal sites but not the glyphs in every edition.

As the popularity of internet forums grew the topic of the glyphs arose on several sites , this brought the attention of Egyptologists like Dr Meltzer who was actually paid to examine the glphs via correspondence , while he agreed that the symbols spelt out names and words he never offered a full translation.
Later on as people informed him about the local history of the area and prevoius reports he began his own research into the background.
I note in his final posts he pleas for valid information on the status of the glyphs pre 1980's , but never gets a reply.
He is also sent a confusing letter from Ray Johnson offering to send him his translations , he remarks later on that he cannot agree with Ray Johnsons " archaic theory "

Private website owner A. Keating made a website based on the report on Ray Johnson findings by a Dr Gilbert.
Dr Gilbert also called the glyphs forgeries.
After that report was published online , Paul White who had help place Ray Johnsons story online and had a written an article , distanced himself from the whole affair.

On the Ancient Lost Treasures forum in 2004 a member ( Tom Walter ) contacted the Gosford History group and was told the carvings were done by a schoolboy in the 60's , the Elvina group has recently contacted members of that group who verified the story again in 2010.

Since 2007 all discussions involving Dr Meltzer have ceased , many sites have stories on the glphs and all use parts of the story from different parts of the web , no new reaseach has taken place since.

In October 2010 I personally contacted the first person documented to find the glyphs and spoke to him on the phone at length , Alan Dash worked as a surveyor for Gosford Council and discovered them in 1975 , he also witnessed them being created.
Read the full account here

To get a better picture of the story I've made a timeline with all relevant links included:

- First land surveys carried out in Brisbane Waters

- Woy Woy Road built

- Gilford , Follan and Cameron purchase blocks at Bambara Rd
- Parish map of blocks here

- Gilford writes article on nearby Aboriginal carvings
- Article here

- Bob Cummins visits site and notes carvings are present but faint - rumour not confirmed ( see letter from R Johnson to Gosford Council 1997 )

- Students from Gosford High School carve/re carve/ add to glyphs - rumour confirmed by Tom Walter* in 2004 and Elvina group* in 2010 after contact with members of the Gosford Historical Group
- University students visit site and carve/re carve/ add to walls - rumour not confirmed ( see letter from R Johnson to Gosford Council 1997 )

- Council surveyor Alan Dash notes site
- Alan Dash notes site being added to - Read interview here

- Article in Central Coast Express
- Mr David Lambert Rock Art Conservator of the Cultural Heritage Division of the NPWS visits site
- Pictures taken in 1983/1984 by the NPWS
- Photographs of the hieroglyphs were sent to Prof. NageebKanawati, head of the Department of Egyptology at Macquarie University, Sydney.
- Prof. Nageeb Kanawati replies and declares the carvings as fake

- Ranger Neil Martin catches old Yugoslavian man carving at site
- Ranger Neil Martin notes additional carvings being added afterwards

- Ray Johnson visits site with Dr Whitehouse and Yahn
- Ray Johnson sends letter to Dr Abou - Gazi Director of the Museum of Antiquities Cairo
- Copy of letter here

- Paul White writes article for Exposure magazine Vol 2 No.6
- Copy of article here

- Ray Johnson writes to Gosford Council
- Copy of letter here

- A. Keating establishes contact with Dr Gilbert and creates website here
- Dr Gilbert denounces carvings as fakes
- Article here
- Paul White rejects his own story and agrees with the forgery theory
- Bambara site under threat from developers - letters of support from local Mp's

- Hans-Dieter von Senff writes to Carmel Tebutt assisting the Ministerfor National Parks and Wildlife [Refschauge]
- Carmel Tebutt confirms carvings are fake based on NPWS study
- Carmel Tebutt confirms air shaft / underground chamber not present in 1983 inspection
- See post at Ancient Lost Treasures

- Article written by David Coltheart in Archaeological Diggings Vol 10 No 5 Oct/Nov 2003 Issue No 58
- Article here

- Tom Walters contacts Philippe Tabuteau of the Gosford Historical Group
- Philippe Tabuteau confirms carvings were done by persons known to him
- Dr Meltzer is contracted by John Anthony West to decipher the glyphs
- Dr Meltzer's post at Ancient Lost Treasures

- Don Hitchcock maps writes article here

- Dr Meltzer discusses the glyphs online at the Glyph Doctors
- Dr Meltzer receives information from Ray Johnson
- Dr Meltzer dimisses Ray Johnsons "archaic theory"
- Last post from Dr Meltzer here
- Glenndining, Minto and Associates apply to build at Bambara Rd
- DA rejected by Gosford Council

- Developers launch appeal in Lands and Environment court

- Court hearing April - decision reserved to a later date
- Elvina group contacts Tabuteau family member
- Tabuteau family member suspects carvings were done by a pupil/s from Gosford High School in the 60's
- June - Land and Environment court rejects current DA by Glenndining, Minto and Associates
- Alan Dash confirms carvings done between 1975 and 1983 - Report here
- Blocks in the area are offered for sale again , Council does not buy them
- I am sent the original NPWS site photos taken in 1983 , after examination I found evidence of the glyphs being added to after the photos were taken - see article here

- Single block sold to private purchaser
- Local protest group camps on site for 90 days in action against development proposals
- I contact the NPWS for information on the glyphs - letter here
- I contact Prof. NageebKanawati, head of the Department of Egyptology at Macquarie University, Sydney. - email reply here
- Glyphs featured on History channel documentary , Tony Robinson visits site. - video here
- Gosford Council appoints mediator to negotiate purchase of blocks along Bambara Rd
- Steven Strong and Dr Hans Dieter Von Senff enter Brisbane Waters National Park to conduct illegal archaeological studies and excavations at the glyphs site and illegally remove artifacts

- Unemployed school teacher Steven Strong writes articles for New Dawn magazine and Indigenous Times
- Retired bus driver Hans Dieter Von Senff releases " Ancient Egyptians in Australia " 
- Gosford Council agrees to buy one of the blocks on Bambara Road for inclusion into the BWNP
- Fringe website Wake up World publishes Steven Strongs Kariong theories
- News article from Steven Strong about his Kariong theories is pulled down from the ABC website
 within hours of it's release

- Glyphs site suffers from increased traffic , underground cavity which theorists claim is a " tomb "
is continually interfered with , NPWS fill in the cavity and post warning signs
- Steven Strong claims to find UFO carving close to the glyphs site , it turns out to be an Aboriginal
carving of a whale

- New website created

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Busy lad

The No Ship at Avoca mob managed to stall the scuttling of the HMAS Adelaide last Saturday at the last moment just 2 days before it was due to be towed up from Sydney and sunk.
They were unable to lodge an appeal until Minister Garrett approved the order to sink , which he seakily done on the Wednesday afternoon.
The No Ship group lodged an appeal next morning on the Thursday and were granted a 1 month stay until the whole proposal can be looked at properly this time.
Supporters of the sinking met last Sunday at Terrigal Skillion and they numbered about the same as the anti - ship mob did a couple of weeks back.
Due to an all out flamewar on Facebook the No Ship mob shut down it's page leaving bewildered trolls nowhere to go for the evening.
Whatever happens it looks like the ship won't be sunk for over a year now until it all goes through court.
We await Round 2

I joined this group at Facebook " Save the Sacred land at Kariong " , these guys are helping stop the proposed development along Bambara Rd at Kariong and I thought I'd lend them a hand.
The developers have been trying to get at this land for decades and Gosford Council has usually opposed any propsals , the NPWS has tried to buy back the land but the owners want more than they can afford.
This time the developers have enlisted a consulting mob who know the game so things look a bit of a worry , this land is still recovering from farming activities in the early 1900's and should be left as it lies near Aboriginal sacred land and carving sites.
As well as that there are hundreds of native species of flora and fauna living in this area and it is in a bushfire danger zone.
Just outside of this area are the infamous Kariong Heiroglyphs
We await Round 1

King Bungarees Pyalla

Finally I have laid my hands on a copy of King Bungarees Pyalla , a small book with stories told to the author by the local Aborigine legend Bungaree who was from the Woy Woy tribe.
A local researcher , Kay Williams was kind enough to photocopy the entire book for me and I've been reading it the last couple of days.
Like Kay , I was hoping this may give an insight into the life and history of the local Woy Woy tribes , but was semi disapointed when it only contains stories relating to animals and some folklore like the Bunyip , later in the book there are stories told by the author about the Aborigines of the time.
The names and places mentioned are unknown to me , they sound like they could be out west near Parramtta at the time.
One of Bungaree's traits does show out though and that is they way he modified some of his tales to suit the white man by giving the characters English names and comparing things to English customs and way of life , he was a great interpreter and could change his persona to suit whatever company he was in at the time.
The last 2 stories are told by the author and tries to portray the kind side of the Aborigines who on a couple of occasions used their tracking skills to find lost white children.
The author also knew of the impending doom of the Aborigines and writes this in the first pages of the book ...
" the legends I have chosen , from the Pyalla , are only a few of the many I heard in childhood , but they may serve to give some sort of idea of the style of stories existing among a people , who , with their legends and romances , will have soon passed away forever ""
Mary A Fitzgerald Sydney December 1 , 1891

Kay also put me onto John Byrne , a geologist who owns this fascinating site - Geological Sites around Sydney , I've been to this site quite a bit while searching for info on various things , well worth a look

John turned out to be a nice bloke and we have been exchanging bits of info all weekend , and he invited me to join the Elvina group , there are some great pics on this site as well
Funnily enough the bloke who runs the Elvina group knows my mum from the old scouting days back in the 70's ( six degrees of separation ? )
John has an interest in the things called "snames" , you cand find out about em here

Another member is Anthony Dunk who has this bushwalking page which is another "add to bookmarks"

All those links should keep ya busy til next time !