Monday, January 24, 2011

Fighter World - Williamtown RAAF

Took my nephew up to the local RAAF base that has a museum called Fighter World , lotsa boys stuff thought yas might like a looksee

Figther World 013

A look at the main hall Meteor , Sabre , Macchi , Vampire

Figther World 005

Gatling gun with a drum mag the size of a large garbage bin , tried to nick it time !

Figther World 021

This was a donated model collection , over 300 models all built from scratch over 40 years , frikkin impressive work

Figther World 009

My very stoked nephew and I test out the cockpit of a Macchi trainer jet , well worth a visit just to see the smile on his dial

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mad Max 4 - Inside the new movie shhh !

It's baaaaaaccckk ......

My bland old job takes me to many places and I meet the occasional rich and famous person along the way , this week I am working for someone who has inside knowledge of the new Mad Max 4 movie ....
As you might have noticed I am a massive fan of this movie and dream of roaming the wastelands in the Interceptor ..
So I thought I'd glean some info from this chap - glad I did !
With the aid of his iPhone I was shown pre production footage of some of the stunts being worked on for the movie and lots of pics of the vehicles being used , lots of them in the wicked post apocalyptic style we loved from the second movie ( purists will tell you there was no Mad Max 3 )

The Vehicles
I saw lots of cars , bikes , semi trailers , monster trucks all MM2 style , they seem be using lots of old vintage stuff with Model T / old Ford Mercury looking cars but of course with massive V8's in them , my source tells me that they all have real motors in them this time and a lot of cash has been spent on building them , one car is a converted off - road racer that cost over 100 grand to build and " glides like a bullet through the scrub " he said.
He also remarked there was to be no " jap crap " cars in the movie except for one in the beginning that gets destroyed by a giant boulder ( I can hear the cheer in the audience already ! )
Another video I seen was of the novel way they are going to use to transfer actors between vehicles at high speed , this is going to be awesome but I was told this is Top Secret so I'll won't divulge what it is ( ner ner )
I then saw a photo of the informant leaning on the old Interceptor from MM2 , " An old pic ? " I asked
" Nope we bought up about half a dozen already converted Interceptors from members of the public / fans to be used in the new movie .... "
" S S So the Interceptor is back ? "
" Yes it is " ( oh shit yes ! )

The Story
The story starts off where we were left at the end of the second movie and follows the tale of what happens to the group as they move out of the badlands and look for a better life.
It looks like the story does not connect in any way to the 3rd movie , but follows on from MM2 , this is what the fans wanted from 3 originally , yes Beyond Thunderdome was shit , everyone agrees.
I think this movie is going to deliver everything the die hard fans want and more , it is going to be a " road movie " , rolling non stop from start to finish and here's some more , our travellers seem to end up back in the badlands from the 2nd movie !

The Cast
An unknown English actor will play the lead character and he may even be taking the role of the original Max ..
Charlize Theron will play a role in the movie , and I'm gonna leave this as a surprise , a popular character from MM1 makes a return ! ( o man this is going to rock ! )

The Location
I'm not telling , but if you have read this article closely it ain't half obvious ....

Why is it taking so long ?
The movie has been on the go for many years now , originally it was to be filmed in Namibia back around when 9/11 happened , actors and crew were reluctant to travel by air , and they ran out of time as director George Miller had other commitments ( Babe 2 )
So the project was locked up in storage and later canned altogether , at this stage some 40 bikes and 20 other vehicles had been delivered to the desert location and a small town had been built for filming.
Last year pre production filming took place and filming was to begin this year except one thing has halted them - the desert is too green after all this rain !
So we wait again ..........