Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ripsaw Mad Max 4 Fury Road Vehicles - First Look

The forthcoming long awaited sequel prequel reboot remix of Mad Max is currently being filmed in Namibia , South Africa.
Over 140 vehicles are said to have been built for the movie/s , rabid fans have been tracking the construction and movements of these beasts for the last couple of years and there are now many photos of them turning up on the web.
So I decided to put them all together into a slideshow and YouTubed em

 No sooner had I done that than another batch of leaked photos have arrived , these ones showed some very interesting vehicles indeed.


Firstly we have a picture of the rumoured Ripsaw high speed tracked vehicle made especially for the movie by Howe and Howe Industries in the USA.


The photo was taken secretly while it was being stored in Sydney last year , before that there was only a part shot of it under a tarp on the back of a truck en route to Broken Hill, we couldn't see what had been done to it up top.


From the photo you can see a yellow 70's Chrysler Charger body attached to the top of Ripsaw , can't wait to see this thing in action !

The Interceptor !?


Next we have what could possibly the 3rd re incarnation of the Black on Black , the Interceptor !
As the movie is rumoured to be a " re boot " it was confirmed the Interceptor would somehow ride again  , replica Interceptors were bought by the movie company to be used in the film and 2 Black on Blacks have been constructed according to rumours.
While no photos of the BOB's have been taken in Namibia so far we have seen 2 of these silver Interceptors on set , this car is too much like the original to be anything but a 3rd rebuild of the old BOB.
Fury Road features a lot of off road type vehicles and it seems a lot of the action takes place off road in sandy wastelands , possibly the car is modified in the movie for these reasons , it also has a weapon mounted in the boot area , the dual tanks are gone and it looks like a gas tank slung under the back , larger rear wheels and a new paint job.
Shots from a different angle show what appears to be 2 blowers mounted on top of each other adorned with a human skull.
The jury is still out on this one !