Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lone dolphin enchants locals

For the last 18 months a lone dolphin has made the Brisbane Water it's home , why this dolphin has decided to stay here is some mystery as dolphins usually live in pods or groups.
Evidently according ORCA the dolphin is a female and spends it's days swimming around the Brisbane Water and generally checking out the humans who live there as well.

A local diver has an unexpected admirer
The dolphin has a liking for people and has been photographed many times checking out wharf building crews and fishermen , one lady recalls fishing one day and not getting much while the dolphin looked on , after a while it disappeared and then came back and threw a fish at the lady in the boat !

Racing the local ferry " Saratoga "
The captain of the local ferry service reports that the dolphin is a regular attraction and will wait at Woy Woy wharf for the ferry to leave so it can play in the bow waves when it makes it's run.

Local fisho meets the dolphin visitor

Local kids jumping off Ettalong Wharf were thrilled when the dolphin dropped by and checked them out one day , it certainly does not abide by the 100m rule !

Thrilled local kids meet the dolphin
The Brisbane Water is a large inland waterway and was once home to dolphins long ago and it is a good sign that they are finally returning , we hope that our little lady will attract some male friends one day .

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