Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Steven Strongs' Whale of a UFO Tale.....

Recently unemployed school teacher and pseudo theorist Steven Strong released a video on YouTube and article online claiming he had discovered a carving of a UFO near the Kariong Hieroglyph site.
These claims immediately caught the attention of my fellow Elvina investigators and we set about checking up on this latest claim.

Photo from Egyptians in Australia Part 6

Bob was first to recognise the carving as he has been documenting aboriginal rock art and site in the Kariong area since the 60's , Matt then checked with W.D Campbells 1899 book on Aboriginal art in the Sydney region and he had actually recorded this site in 1893.
The carving is an Aboriginal depiction of a whale , possibly a totem figure , Bob explains the details of the whale...

The lines which SS has  deemed to be rocket blast  are probably cicatrice marks as this and several other whales in this vicinity all have body decorations and are all linked in with a whale totem legend. Cicatrices were a system of scarring on the bodies, usually the chest and back but sometimes the legs and stomach of Aboriginal men and women indicating their passage through the culture. Some very important engravings of Baiame and Daramulan have these marks on their upper bodies. I don’t know the name of the whale deity though. There are a few whales in the district but only four or five have the ritual decorations. Unfortunately the men who taught me some of the lore of the area have all been dead for more than fifty years so we will never know. They might not have known either.Bob 
1995 photo from Bob's personal records

We decided on a site visit to confirm the location that was recorded in Campbells book , the Aboriginal site register and in Bob's personal records , locating it was easy as it is only 5 metres from the edge of a service road in the Brisbane Water National Park overlooking Koolewong on a narrow sandstone outcrop.

We used water to highlight the carving as it is very eroded and gone in some places , after a couple of minutes the shape appeared and it was indeed Campbells whale ( 1893 diagram below ) and the same carving in the video made by Steven Strong.

Not shown in the records are the cicatrice marks , these are very faint and hard to see , it is also possible that these minor details were left out of Campbells records in 1893 as it was all hand recorded onto paper , of the many sites that were documented older less visible carvings or work covered by vegetation was sometimes missed.
Strong has mistakenly or intentionally only shown the head portion of the whale and has mistaken the body outline , thus giving the " UFO " tail like appearance in his crude diagrams.

Strongs crude diagram even records part of the whales right fin in the left image

This is further proof that Strong and co knows very little about the Aboriginal history of the area and just how well recorded the sites are , he is blatantly ignorant of any proper research methods and while claiming to respect the land and it's traditional owners he is acting in utter contempt.
Recently and very foolishly he has admitted to conducting illegal activities in the Brisbane Water National Park by stating they had used a metal detector at the glyphs site and had removed artifacts , both activities are illegal and the removal of an artifact without proper permission or being done by qualified persons is even worse , even though such claimed finds here are sure to be bogus as well.
Equally mind numbing is the latest photograph of the " underground shaft " walls using some software called NC2 which is most laughable piece of fakery this mob has come up with to date.
It just keeps getting better , just dumber and dumber

I have made a video up for YouTube with footage from the site visit , see previous post

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Egyptians in Australia Part 6 - The Truth Revealed

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In response to the misleading video by Steven Strong - Egyptians in Australia Part 6
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