Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's baaaaaack !

Just when you thought it was safe to enter the water.....
Last night I woke up about 11pm and needed a drink of water so I stumble out to the kitchen tap , in the dark I noticed the water pressure was down and turned on the light .......
Lucky I did because I was just about to drink this shit

Soup anyone ?

I seem to have missed the public service annoucement about the quality of our drinking water being crap again ( have I ? )
I thought they fixed it all up ages ago ........ hmm wtf


  1. Bugger me that's grubby!

    Mine's as clear as a bell. Luck of the draw.

  2. yeh I live in the poorly serviced area of town obviously ..

  3. just when you think its safe to enter the water.... a few days ago my son was out on his surfski off woy woy when something put its head out of the water looked at him and then submerged again - do we have seals/sharks out there that would do that? I guarantee that he was sober when it happened.
    from Di

  4. It could have been a seal or dolphin or a shark , all have been sighted in the Broadwater , theres even an old photo somewhere of a sea lion at Woy Woy Wharf back in the 1800's
    Thanks for dropping by , your from Spikes web yes ?

  5. thanks for your reply, and yes, I did visit your site from Spike's. Happy 2009!


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