Sunday, March 14, 2010

Random Things

No real subject to this weeks post , just a couple of tidbits
In the forums there has been minor activity as 2 members have been visiting some sites I've written about and reporting back.
I feel somewhat chuffed at inspiring people to get out and have a walk in the sun , get fit and gain knowledge , a few have remarked that over the years they have downloaded my maps and instructions and headed off into the scrub - good stuff !

2 emails this week on the same subject - Bungaree the Aboriginal legend who was born locally and went on to become one of the most famous Aboriginal figures of our early history.
Not that Gosford Council will be of any help in telling his story , they are flat out denying any knowledge of the Brisbane Waters Aborigines and denounce the existence of the coastal Guringai clan which are the traditional land owners of this area , the Darkingjung Land Council are currently claiming to be the owners and with enough white washing and passing of time they hope the real story will be forgotten.
But it won't be as the last remaining Guringai descendants record their story for prosperity , this week I spoke to Kay Williams from Pearl Beach who is currently writing a piece about Bungaree although she spells it the correct way which is Boongaree , a very knowledgeable lady who took the time out to contact me with an offer to have a look at a copy of King Bungaree's Pyalla a book published in 1891 with stories translated from the man himself.
When I get copies of this I'll post some bits here , Kay also thanked me for placing the real story online for the public to see and is frustrated by the lack of recognition Bungaree has been shown by the local council ( Mr Holstein hang your head in shame ) and by the fact that local school kids don't know anything about this great man.
Hopefully one day this will change and with help from people like Anne Jones who emailed from Bribie Island this week as well it looks it will eventually.
Anne is preparing a display for the Seaside Museum in the suburb of Bongaree , Bribie Island , I gave her some tips on acquiring a decent photo of Bungaree for the upcoming display which will tell his story

I've added the Peninsula Womens Health Centre to the links page on as per requested by email enquiry - your links can be added for free just email me

Found a new shop at West Gosford that sells radio controlled models etc and had to buy myself a 1/24 scale Abrams M1A2 tank - quite a nice looking beastie straight out of the box , later on I'm going to modify it to look like the Aussie M1A1 AIM version we have

Abrams M1A2 R/C 1/24 Scale

Made a video to show the lads on the tank forum

and while I was testing the focus on my webcam for the video I captured rare footage of the Chewy looking a bit worried ( he doesn't like the tanks especially the one that shoots plastic BB'S at him lol )

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