Friday, December 24, 2010

Umina's Chook Nazi

I was hoping to leave this year on a light note , but after tonite my faith in the goodness of man has been tested once again.
I'm a single guy and have been rushing about all day doing my christmas shopping , I'm buggered and can't be arsed cooking tonite so I thought I'd pop into the Charcoal Chicken at Umina to pick up half a chicken and a loaf of fresh bread to make some chicken sangas for dinner , something light and easy.
At the shop there are 7 full chickens on the cutting tray waiting to be purchased , I ask for a half and the young guy goes " Um err " and whispers to an older employee hiding in the back of the shop... " No you can't have half a chicken , we don't want to cut one up "
Well fuck me dead Mrs Chook fucken nazi ! , is that the thanks I get for years of loyal patronage of your shop ?
How dare you put a pissy couple of dollars profit in front of the needs of a customer ?
I never even complained when you cunts sold me a dried out rubber chicken carcass from under the counter one night , but you have got me riled now .........


  1. Still a chance to leave the year on a light note, Woy Woy Steve. Enjoy your chook. Happy Christmas!

  2. Yes it's not all doom and gloom ! hope you had a good one , all the best for NYE


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