Friday, October 21, 2011

Hello where have I been ?

Skulking back into my dashboard I can only say it wasn't me , I was hibernating for the winter , I did lurk about tho ...


I battled on the cyber battlefields at World of Tanks , a hugely popular free online game that has many Aussies playing and lot of them are older players like myself who have a chuckle at destroying tanks commanded by impatient teenagers


I also seen some photos of cars being shipped to Africa for the new Mad Max movie....


And pondered mysterious Aboriginal carvings near Woy Woy , maybe a line of defense ?


and thought I better mow that lawn before Chewy disappears


  1. Wow. You HAVE been busy :-) The night before last, I finally took All Things Woy off my sidebar but I guess, if you are playing nice, I'll put it back!

  2. That would be bloody right lol , yeh I'm back the soul is keen ,still have to mow the lawn tho ..........


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