Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kariong: The Key to Unlocking the Truth : Part 2

These photos were posted in the Indigenous Times 1 Feb 2012 in an article by Steven Strong , they claim to be evidence of an Egyptian presence at Kariong 4000 years ago , firstly we have an " Egyptian embalming table " used to drain the bodily fluids of the Egyptian prince buried nearby as they would have us believe .
Some also believe that it is an Aboriginal birthing table , but my local Aboriginal history expert tells me that the local womens birthing site was at Somersby and not here and they didn't give birth lying down like European women do , most if not all of the native tribes around the world give birth in a squatting position.
So what is it ? , well its a geological feature not uncommon in the sandstone around the area as my geologist informant explains:
It's what I call (on my webpage about Leissegang-like iron oxide banding) a "master band", again for lack of any other term, such as delineates one co-set of iron oxide banding from another.   The band sets are quite soft relative to the 'master bands' between them, and in this particular case the core that would have once had a set of parallel iron oxide banding ('periodic precipitation' of iron oxide) has totally weathered out.
See more on this banding

Next we have the " ruins of an Egyptian complex " , looks to all concerned like a modern day section of concrete drain culvert , we'll have to await the carbon testing results on this one which I assume they must be arranging to back this claim.

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