Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beachcomber Blues


 In real life I'm a painter and I don't often post many pics of my work as it is usually on private property and most folk don't want their houses shown on the web for various levels of paranoia.
Recently my well patronized local takeaway asked me to spruce up the outside of the shop and I set to task last Easter weekend.
The old blue paint scheme was looking a bit dated and was tagged by Franky The Worm ( F.T.W ) who is quite a prolific graffiti artist here and indeed around the world , we decided there was enough local examples of his work and after careful photographing and documenting it would be safe to paint over.


 8 thirsty hours later and we have the new look Beachcomber Takeaway in a nice shade of Dulux " Water Raceway "
This new paint job has also re - ignited what I call " The Battle of Midway " , about 2 blocks away on the same road there is another small general store that for all my life has been in competition with the Beachcomber , the last couple of weeks has seen the new owner out painting his shop as well.
I went to school with a girl whose parents used to own this shop when it was the Midway General store years back , it's changed hands a few times since.
Bit of an icon the old Aussie corner store , lot's have closed down around this area , these 2 will keep battling for some time yet , history has shown !


  1. I remember when this was one of only two shops I knew of which stocked yo-yo strings, The other being Bourke rd.... used to ride my pushy all the way from the circle to get 'em...had one of those clear-rim Coca cola pro ones. Had "rock-the-cradle" f#@*ing nailed man !!

  2. It's a little known fact but the demise of the yo-yo craze was due to the lack of available yo-yo strings in later years , remember when a shop would get them in stock , word would spread and every bugger would get a pack or two, home made solutions just never did cut it

  3. I love paint names. Who gets that job? So much fun.

  4. A job I aspire to lol painted many houses in a colour called " Self Destruct " always a giggle


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