Friday, March 22, 2013

New Carvings found at Kariong

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Earlier this week our intrepid explorer Bob found some rather curious carvings in the bushland not far from the Kariong Hieroglyphs site , here in a small rock cleft he found what looks to be a very amateur attempt at some sort of Aztec / Pacific Islander looking symbol.
We had a small search to try and find if it was an actual image used by any one particular race to no avail , closest I found was it looked like some sort of Aztec symbol , another Elve suggested it looked a bit like the Birdman of Easter Island.

Dumbo the Elephant ?

I sent a pic to a lecturer in Aboriginal Astronomy at the University of New South Wales who seems to think it is just further proof of " people screwing around " and I can only agree , you see just a short distance away there is a carving of a Greek fish symbol.

It will be interesting to see how the fringe theory whackos try and write this lot into their Kariong fairytale , the location will remain secret for obvious reasons.....

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