Saturday, April 6, 2013


Karma works in strange ways , after moping about for a few weeks missing my old dog I decided to browse through the dogs online at my local pounds and rescue organisations.
So many poor little faces gazing up at the camera I was worried I'd come home with a van full of doggies , cost dictated that I could only afford one and after a couple of weeks looking I had narrowed my choice down to a couple of dogs.
One was a female staffy that some lady was giving away because she had just moved into a town house , the other a roman nosed bull terrier that was being sold cheap because his owner was moving interstate.
I decided to look at the rescue mobs website again late one night and found this little mutt named Boots.
The photo of him basically won me over and I drove up into the Hunter Valley to check him out on Easter saturday , he was a bit bigger than I thought from the photo but after a few minutes I could see he was a good dog.

The rescue lady seemed to think he was the right type for my lifestyle so we loaded him into the van and set off home on a 2 week trial , poor little bugger slept on the back seat all the way home , I think he was glad to have some peace and quiet after being in a yard full of yapping dogs.

He's a funny mix of dogs , my guess is he's Border Collie x some sort of terrier , his body is all out of proportion with long gangly legs and a tiny head , but he is the most polite gentle soul.
He's not used to being an inside dog quite fully yet , the TV scares him and he barks at livestock noises in some shows , the computer and my mobile phone start up tunes scare him and he don't like the heater at all ( yet )
I think when the rescue lady rings me next week I'll be telling her that I'm going to keep him , life's too short.

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