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New Kariong Glyphs Evidence Fails to Excite

During the week our orb chasing friends at Wake Up World and the Strong circle of tin foil hat fanciers published their latest finding. 
Here was new evidence that would de bunk the hoax theories surrounding the Kariong Glyphs they claim.
A Statutory Declaration stating that a young lady had recalled as a 10 year old visiting the glyphs site in 1958 , intriguing but hardly earth shattering.

Part of the statutory declaration claiming the glyphs were sited in 1958

Lets have a look at:

Bad Research 
" One of the most common hoax myth is the oft quoted tale of a ‘deranged Yugoslav’ who, in 1975, allegedly exited the ‘glyphs with a store-bought chisel in hand (minus a hammer), was then chastised by Gosford Council employee Alan Dash and sent on his way, unpunished, due to his limited intellectual capacity (the Yugoslav’s, not Dash’s). "

The above statement is not correct:
1. NPWS Ranger Neil Martin was the person who caught the " old Yugoslavian man " red handed and confiscated his chisel ( which is now in possession of the Gosford Historical Society ) in 1984 not 1975
2. Alan Dash first noticed the glyphs in 1975 after observing a man exiting the hole leading to the glyphs site, this man was living in the abandoned Gilford farmhouse ruins nearby.
He noted the appearance of more glyphs on returning visits over the next 5 years.

Source: Debunking the Gosford Glyphs by David Coltheart in Archaeological Diggings Vol 10 No 5 Oct/Nov 2003 Issue No 58

Quote " The remoteness of the site, "

Often the glyphs are referred to being in a remote location when in fact the glyphs site is located less then 1 kilometre from the town of Kariong and 5 km's from the town of Woy Woy and near Gosford , less than 100 kilometres from Sydney.
*The glyphs are located and the end of a unsealed road and only metres into the bush, within 100 metres there is the Lyre Trig marker point which has been in use since the 1800's.
*Up until 1999 access to public traffic was allowed into Bambara Road and you could park within 20 metres of the glyphs site , due to large amounts of illegal dumping the road was gated in 2000.
* From Woy Woy road it is only a 20 minute walk via Bambara Road to the site
* In the peroid between 1930 and 1974 , 3 families were living and farming along Bambara Road ( Cameron , Follan , Gilford )


" Likewise, the obscure myth of the unnamed students from Sydney University (or a nearby college) engraving all of these hieroglyphs in either 1964 or 1984 – or any number of other dates that have at one time formed the ‘official’ story – always seemed improbable. "

Hardly anyone agrees with this theory , the whole idea is flawed and based on hearsay 
Archaeologist Dennis Gojack researched this theory:

"It should be made clear that in 1964 the Sydney University Department of Archaeology taught classical [Greek, Roman] and Near Eastern archaeology, which had an emphasis on Cyrus and the Middle East. There was a single newly appointed lecturer in Prehistoric Anthropology, Richard Wright, who had commenced a few years previously. The number of students enrolled was very limited and ancient Egyptian archaeology was not part of their curriculum, and neither was there any teaching in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs or language. As a student within the Department from the late 1970s I never heard about any such activities taking place from either staff or former students. "


Why even bother discussing this and the Sphinx memorial , it is common knowledge that these 2 things have absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the glyphs hoax site.

The author goes to some length to state that this new evidence refutes previous theories and yes it would if it could be verified 100% , it would put the earliest sighting of the glyphs back about 15 years but still not prove who did them.

Quote " Those who claim it a hoax can’t seem to get their stories straight "

I suggest that the editors of Wake Up World review their own research before making such fanciful claims

So what does this supposed new information reveal ?

More than likely the whole document has been faked as Strong and Co have been caught out on a few occasions faking archaeological finds at the site and nearby

Can we trust the faint memory of a 10 years old girl from over 50 years ago ? How accurate are her recollections ? How can she be sure of the actual year she supposedly visited the glyphs

Does it prove Egyptians carved the glyphs ? Not at all

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