Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday Morning TV

Youtube has a treasure trove of golden memories from my youth , here are some of my faves

Classic - The Phantom Agents

The Banana Splits

H.R Pufnstuff

Space 1999

*Had to love this comment on the page
ooooOOOO0000OOOOoooo (1 day ago)
Well 1999 came and went. Still no moonbase motherfuckers. I guess you were to busy fighting terrorists or some shit.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tanks for dropping by

Been a tad slack on the blog front lately , time gets by some times.
Last few weeks have been a drama as my landlord has decided to sell and I have to fucking move camp.
Some of the dumps I have looked at so far are terrible , I'm determined to get a nice place this time , this brothel I live in now is soul destroying.
I could even end up in Ettalong , things are that bad lol , I won't live east of O.B road ever again - promise ! I'd really like to get back onto the strip ( Trafalgar Avenue ) my karma is good there.

Computer blew up finally and I was offline for another week , I took it into the shop and expected to wait another week or 2 for it to be repaired.
2 hours later on a Saturday morning the shop guy rings up and informs me the p.c is ready to rock , they even cleaned all of the dog hair out of it !
Big thanks to Albatross Computers across the road from Woy Woy Station - highly recommended !

Small pleasure is the magazine I have began buying called Combat Tanks , each issue comes with a die cast model tank , evidently there is some 100 issues and about 60 or so tanks to collect , I joined the obligatory site forum and smartened some poms up for good measure ( hehe )




10 Points to my boss who decides on the 2 coldest days in fuck knows when , to waterblast a 2 story house on the edge of the cliff at Killcare.

Back probably after i move shop and go thru the dramas of waiting weeks to get back online - wish me luck

Also I'm after a cheap fridge :)