Monday, July 26, 2010

Return to days of old

You may have noticed me posting pics of the odd tank every now and then , I am collecting the Deagostini Combats Tanks Collection which consists of over 100 1/72 scale model armoured fighting vehicles dating from WW2 onwards.
I joined the collections'forum and have been amazed by some of the static models that the members build , back when I was a kid my favourite hobby was to save up $2.50 and go to Ettalong newsagents or the toy store at Woy Woy and buy a good old Airfix model.
I built models for years and some of the last ones I built in the 70's were Star Wars ones.
Then I discovered girls and surfing , a couple of weeks back I was in the toy store at Erina and decided to buy a few kits and have a crack at it again.
I had already been working on a large scale remote control tank , I have 2 of these and they are a large scale at 1/24.
This project is the conversion of a VS Tanks Abrams M1A2 to and Australian M1A1 AIM , I decided to build Australian armour as there are few if any ready to build examples on the market and I enjoy the research that goes with it.
The Abrams required removal of some pieces and addition of some sfter market accessories , I am still waiting on some red kangaroo decals for it before I finish painting the model , here's a pic of it so far


Next project was the making of a diorama for the 1/72 scale German " Maus " , I bought the Maus as a pre made model ( Easymodels ) and painted it up , as all my other small scale tanks are in plastic display cases I decided to whack this one in one as well , found some at the model shop for a reasonable price.
As the case was rather largish I decided to make a diorama and bought a packet of tiny German ( Italeri Anti Tank Crews ) soldiers to go on it as well.
The Maus was the largest tank built during WW2 and 2 of them were made , both broke down before they got into battle and were blown up by their crews , the Russians nicked one and it is on display at the Kubinka Tanks Museum


Back to the Aussie theme my next project was the Crusader Mk 11 , these tanks were used by the Aussies in WW2 in North Africa ,so it is painted up in desert colours , it is a 1/72 scale kit from Hasegawa and was fun to build , I had to modify the turret a bit as it was a Mk III.
I plan on doing another diorama for this and have ordered an Stuart Light Tank to accompany it as there is plenty room.


This weekends project was the Matilda Mk 11 ( 1/72 Italeri ) as used by the Aussies in New Guinea in WW2 , again I had to modify it a bit to represent the type we had and I am quite happy with the result , this one will go in a diorama as well and I have something cool in mind this time.


Next project will be the ASLAV-25 , this is a current vehicle and I think I will do the version that was used early on in Iraq and it is in a bigger scale of 1/35 which will give my poor old eyes a break


I was thinking of doing another blog just for the modelling , can I be arsed tho ?

While on tanks , my story called Grandads Tank helped out Mike from the USA who owns a shell casing similar to mine

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bambara Road Saga

Last Friday the Lands and Environment Court released it's decision on the current development application by Glenndining, Minto and Associates to build 7 dwellings along Bambara Road at Kariong - the DA was knocked back much to the delight of the 2000 + members of the Save the Sacred Lands at Kariong group on Facebook and other concerned folks.
A hint of the impending decision was the sudden appearance of 2 blocks of land for sale at Bambara Road a fortnight ago , some guessed it was the owner trying to cash up before the banks moved in or trying to catch someone out before the final verdict made the blocks virtually un buyable ( is that a new word ? spellchecker dun like it )
One must now ask how the owner got inside info on the decision before it was made public and was able to list some of the lots for sale .......
So now it is time for Gosford Council and the NPWS to make good and buy the lots , let's hope this time it actually happens.
In the meanwhile interest has not subsided on the nearby Glyphs site , I have had a couple of comments so far on my last update , mostly by what I call " believers " who have left rather terse comments and then not replied once challenged to present valid proof of their " theories "
I think this page will be entertaining for some time

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Views from Home

A few of my favourite pics from over the years to celebrate my new blog layout

Gnomelands View

Woy Woy Bay

Church 3

Church Blackwall Rd

Sacred meeting place Patonga

Tesselated Rock Patonga


Wet young Lorikeet

Full Red

Red Moon