Sunday, July 26, 2009

Greetings Ettalong

Well I'm back , finally online again after moving house in the last 2 weeks , as we all know moving house sucks and this occasion was no exception.
Firstly I had the flu and no bastard turned up to help me so I spent about 11 hours carting all my shit to the new joint , lucky I had the work ute.
After settling in on Sunday night I went to plug into the phone socket and it fell off the wall ! - the fucking thing wasn't even wired up or screwed into place , so after a week's arguing with the Real Estate biatch I finally hooked up on Friday , no ADSL for a few more days tho :|
On the bright side my new place is approximately 3 times the size of the last one , slightly more grubbier and expensive , a nice big yard for the mutt who seems to be relaxed in his new surrounds , close the the little midway store on Barrenjoey Rd ( $ 1.50 hot dogs expect to see more of me ) and within reasonable stumbling distance to the Ettalong Pub.
Technically I am now on the border of Blackwall , Ettalong and Umina , I have moved away from the bad side of town , no more train noises late at night , nor kids pelting the corrugated iron house across the road with eggs , or abuse from the old skrag who walks her dog down the road with a long neck in her hand.

and before I forget ....
A few weeks back this happened to me - I was driving home from Gosford and was sitting behind a truck carrying large sheets of glass , being trained as a glazier as an apprentice I took extra notice of the large panes secured to the A- frame rack on the back of the truck - something didn't look right I thought to my self and then remembering that scene from the movie The Omen , I then shook my head and said to myself why be so morbid , overtook the truck and headed on home.
On the way I stopped at the bank in Woy Woy , by the time I got to my street I could see a bit of commotion ahead and slowed down - the glass truck I had been following had dropped it's entire load right on the corner of my street !
I won't tell a lie when I tell you my heart skipped a beat !