Saturday, May 21, 2011

History Channel visits Kariong

This is the portion of the latest Tony Robinson doco entitled " Digging up Australia " that was shown on the History Channel on pay TV a couple of weeks back.
As they investigate early arrivals to Australia before Captain Cook , they have a look at the possibility that Egyptian sailors may have made it here and of course that would lead them to the infamous Kariong Glyphs.
As paying for TV is an utterly ridiculous idea to me , I waited for it to be uploaded to YouTube.
I was originally approached by the producers to supply some background info on the site and possibly offer them a sacrificial lamb to be interviewed , they wanted a " believer " and not a sceptic like myself , alas I will have to get my 15 minutes of fame from somewhere else.
As Rex Gilroy and other assorted fruit loops would not appear on camera , I suggested they might like Jake Cassar who subscribes to the Egyptian theory and that they did.
Poor old Tony is seen to be biting his tongue , rolling his eyes and in the end says " the whole idea is very , very daft "
Kinda glad it wasn't me now hehe

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Postcard from Umina

I am still alive just been crook , busy and to shitty to post for ages now , this made me laugh the other night , sometimes it hurts to say you live here , what the hell