Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Things you see in Ettalong

Parked around the corner from my house ........

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Aboriginal Cave Art Panoramas

The new generation of cameras with built in panorama mode are perfect for capturing Aboriginal cave art in the sandstone overhangs around the coast , here are some examples courtesy of Bob Pankhurst - click on each photo to enlarge.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mad Max Memes

Made by Steve Spillard, you may use them if you accredit them to my page

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Upsetting the Kariong Applecart

It seems the Kariong fringe theory brigade are getting a tad pissed off at my debunking work , nearly everyone who sets out to debunk these dreamers end up using parts of my research and invariably I cop the flak via comments on my various pages.
Which I don't mind because I can deal with the most persistant of internet trolls and freakos and have been doing so since the old Yahoo chat and bomb days.

Good old Net Devil console backdoor Trojan fun

It seems years ago that I was involved in a 24/7 chat room community that spanned worldwide , we ended up ( out of need for self protection ) becoming hackers and scammers , waged years long cyber wars with all sorts of nasty programs that killed computers and generally had a great time , met tons of people who became real life friends and got myself laid a whole lotta times to boot.
So a few pithy comments on my forums / blogs etc doesn't ruffle me at all.

The other day I got called a troll , a first for me , a internet troll is usually someone who is annoying and persistantly upsets a discussion thread or community and is hard to get rid of , this comment appeared on one of Steven Strongs YouTube videos about his Kariong Egyptian UFO fantasy.
I like to leave smartarse comments on his and others similar themed videos for personal satisfaction and the vain hope of getting some decent discussion happening , but this rarely happens..
So recently I decided to change tactics and try to engage the fringies in an adult conversation but when faced with undeniable facts and pages of proof they would resort to the old psuedo sciences textbook of predictable replies like calling me some sort of government representative who is engaged to help " cover up " the Kariong story.
One idiot even went back as far as the 1800's and because I am white and he was supposedly Aboriginal held me responsible for ethnocide and genocide because he was unable to answer my simple questions or back up his own claims.
Now I get called a paid internet troll by some dickhead named James Edwards at YouTube which is just as funny as it gets , yes the guvmint pays me to cover up the real Kariong story ( I wish )
So the white knight James Edwards comes to the rescue of the crying babies at the Wake up World / Forgotten Origins discussion groups ( I assume this is where they all come from ) and tries to put the wind up me by posting my real name and address details in the comments section at YouTube.
I have never made my name a secret on my websites , sure I don't have it published anywhere handy but if you look around it wouldn't take you long to find it , I have privacy concerns so it's not going to be anywhere obvious.
What was slightly worrying was that this idiot also posted my old home address online as well , they must have outdated info as my brother now lives there and is quite a lot larger than myself so they should feel welcome to drop in , meanwhile you can find my address in the local Whitepages Sherlock....
Anyway since this Mr James Edwards decided to put some effort into cyber trolling I'd thought I'd look into him.
Firstly I don't think for a minute that this is his real name , the YouTube account he uses is little over a year old and has no uploads , comments or anything of interest to latch onto except for the addition of his favourites list in his profile.
It seems James Edwards likes to follow to video blog of a 15 year old girl in the USA - enough said ?
James Edwards also didn't know that publishing my details is an invasion of privacy at YouTube and it was deleted soon after I reported it.
If you want to play games think of me next time your CD drawer opens by itself..........

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The plot thins........

Seems like that new carving we found a couple of weeks back is old news , I received this photo recently showing the infamous Rex Gilroy standing next to it , Rex claims it is an Aboriginal carving of a bunyip.
The photo was taken in 2002 and looked aged then taking the age of this carving to around 15 yrs + , it is quite some distance from the Kariong glyphs located near a man made drainage culvert.
I'd say whoever was working on this drain may have spent some more time having some fun whilst handy with tools.
Who knows ........


Karma works in strange ways , after moping about for a few weeks missing my old dog I decided to browse through the dogs online at my local pounds and rescue organisations.
So many poor little faces gazing up at the camera I was worried I'd come home with a van full of doggies , cost dictated that I could only afford one and after a couple of weeks looking I had narrowed my choice down to a couple of dogs.
One was a female staffy that some lady was giving away because she had just moved into a town house , the other a roman nosed bull terrier that was being sold cheap because his owner was moving interstate.
I decided to look at the rescue mobs website again late one night and found this little mutt named Boots.
The photo of him basically won me over and I drove up into the Hunter Valley to check him out on Easter saturday , he was a bit bigger than I thought from the photo but after a few minutes I could see he was a good dog.

The rescue lady seemed to think he was the right type for my lifestyle so we loaded him into the van and set off home on a 2 week trial , poor little bugger slept on the back seat all the way home , I think he was glad to have some peace and quiet after being in a yard full of yapping dogs.

He's a funny mix of dogs , my guess is he's Border Collie x some sort of terrier , his body is all out of proportion with long gangly legs and a tiny head , but he is the most polite gentle soul.
He's not used to being an inside dog quite fully yet , the TV scares him and he barks at livestock noises in some shows , the computer and my mobile phone start up tunes scare him and he don't like the heater at all ( yet )
I think when the rescue lady rings me next week I'll be telling her that I'm going to keep him , life's too short.

Friday, March 22, 2013

New Carvings found at Kariong

Click to enlarge all pics

Earlier this week our intrepid explorer Bob found some rather curious carvings in the bushland not far from the Kariong Hieroglyphs site , here in a small rock cleft he found what looks to be a very amateur attempt at some sort of Aztec / Pacific Islander looking symbol.
We had a small search to try and find if it was an actual image used by any one particular race to no avail , closest I found was it looked like some sort of Aztec symbol , another Elve suggested it looked a bit like the Birdman of Easter Island.

Dumbo the Elephant ?

I sent a pic to a lecturer in Aboriginal Astronomy at the University of New South Wales who seems to think it is just further proof of " people screwing around " and I can only agree , you see just a short distance away there is a carving of a Greek fish symbol.

It will be interesting to see how the fringe theory whackos try and write this lot into their Kariong fairytale , the location will remain secret for obvious reasons.....

Saturday, March 2, 2013


My little buddy is gone , his heart was strong , nose still wet and his ears still pricked up , but his poor old body could go on no longer.
I found Chewy just before Easter in 1998 while working at Peat Island Hospital at Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury river , I was working there as a painter and was painting one of the self care houses on the mainland that held half a dozen mentally handicapped clients.
Chewy had been hanging around the house as one of the clients , Old Sid , a deaf and dumb guy was feeding him and sneaking him into his bedroom at night , I seen him a couple of times pushing his trolley over to the island with Chewy following behind him.
Evidently the nurses had called the pound a couple of times but they could not catch him and on this day he was looking at me through the back door while I was working.
He looked hungry so I ratted through the kitchen cupboards and found a tin of tuna which he gobbled up , at smoko time I walked over to the shop with him following and got myself some brekky and bought a tin of dog food , we then went over to my shed in the depot to eat.
Once again he downed the whole tin of food and I kicked back in the chair and started reading the paper , then I hear a thud and a small bark and look up , Chewy had jumped onto the table and was looking at me , I said " what do you want ? " and he dove into my lap and curled up like a kitten.
He was a funny looking thing , I guess he was silky terrier crossed with a staffy , wiry grey fur with an underlying brindle coat.
After smoko I went back to work and Chewy wandered off somewhere , I didn't see him for the rest of the day , I figured he would just come and go and be another one of the animals that I fed while at work , I used to feed all the local parakeets out the back of the paint shop as well.
That afternoon it started to rain and I shut up shop and ran over to my ute and started it up , I glanced over at the compressor shed next to my workshop and could see a small wet dog huddled in the corner looking at me , a split second decision , I opened my car door and said " are you coming ? " and he jumped into my lap in a flash.
He jumped onto the rear parcel shelf of the ute , a tiny space , all I could see in the rear view mirror was myself and this furry head - Chewbacca and Steve Solo !
I already had 2 dogs and wondered what my girlfriend would say , she owned a female red kelpie and I had Max an old male bull terrier cross cattle dog , so when I got home before everyone else I got all 3 dogs and shoved them into the double garage and closed the door.
I went inside to make a cuppa and sat down for a minute expecting all hell to erupt in the garage , but no it was very quiet in there.
So I went to have a look and found the old dog Max half asleep in one corner and Chewy and the kelpie having a play wrestle in the middle of the room , the energetic kelpie had finally got a play buddy and Max finally got some relief from the kelpie harassing him to play all the time.
I split up with that girl and moved back to my hometown , Max died in 2001 and it was just Chewy and myself from then on , he's been my faithful mate for so many years and touched everyone who ever met him.
Yesterday it was raining , Chewy had been slowly fading away for weeks , his legs were gone and he had reacted badly to medication given to him by the vet and he became anemic , I had to carry him outside so he could go to the toilet and he just couldn't get up anymore.
We had spent a good last night together I sat with him for hours and hand fed him some chocolate cake and schmackos , he slept on my bed next to me , then in the morning I had to do it , it was time , I took him to the vet for the last time.
Rest in peace my little buddy

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Steven Strongs' Whale of a UFO Tale.....

Recently unemployed school teacher and pseudo theorist Steven Strong released a video on YouTube and article online claiming he had discovered a carving of a UFO near the Kariong Hieroglyph site.
These claims immediately caught the attention of my fellow Elvina investigators and we set about checking up on this latest claim.

Photo from Egyptians in Australia Part 6

Bob was first to recognise the carving as he has been documenting aboriginal rock art and site in the Kariong area since the 60's , Matt then checked with W.D Campbells 1899 book on Aboriginal art in the Sydney region and he had actually recorded this site in 1893.
The carving is an Aboriginal depiction of a whale , possibly a totem figure , Bob explains the details of the whale...

The lines which SS has  deemed to be rocket blast  are probably cicatrice marks as this and several other whales in this vicinity all have body decorations and are all linked in with a whale totem legend. Cicatrices were a system of scarring on the bodies, usually the chest and back but sometimes the legs and stomach of Aboriginal men and women indicating their passage through the culture. Some very important engravings of Baiame and Daramulan have these marks on their upper bodies. I don’t know the name of the whale deity though. There are a few whales in the district but only four or five have the ritual decorations. Unfortunately the men who taught me some of the lore of the area have all been dead for more than fifty years so we will never know. They might not have known either.Bob 
1995 photo from Bob's personal records

We decided on a site visit to confirm the location that was recorded in Campbells book , the Aboriginal site register and in Bob's personal records , locating it was easy as it is only 5 metres from the edge of a service road in the Brisbane Water National Park overlooking Koolewong on a narrow sandstone outcrop.

We used water to highlight the carving as it is very eroded and gone in some places , after a couple of minutes the shape appeared and it was indeed Campbells whale ( 1893 diagram below ) and the same carving in the video made by Steven Strong.

Not shown in the records are the cicatrice marks , these are very faint and hard to see , it is also possible that these minor details were left out of Campbells records in 1893 as it was all hand recorded onto paper , of the many sites that were documented older less visible carvings or work covered by vegetation was sometimes missed.
Strong has mistakenly or intentionally only shown the head portion of the whale and has mistaken the body outline , thus giving the " UFO " tail like appearance in his crude diagrams.

Strongs crude diagram even records part of the whales right fin in the left image

This is further proof that Strong and co knows very little about the Aboriginal history of the area and just how well recorded the sites are , he is blatantly ignorant of any proper research methods and while claiming to respect the land and it's traditional owners he is acting in utter contempt.
Recently and very foolishly he has admitted to conducting illegal activities in the Brisbane Water National Park by stating they had used a metal detector at the glyphs site and had removed artifacts , both activities are illegal and the removal of an artifact without proper permission or being done by qualified persons is even worse , even though such claimed finds here are sure to be bogus as well.
Equally mind numbing is the latest photograph of the " underground shaft " walls using some software called NC2 which is most laughable piece of fakery this mob has come up with to date.
It just keeps getting better , just dumber and dumber

I have made a video up for YouTube with footage from the site visit , see previous post

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