Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snake in the hills

A member of Elvina found this stone arrangement some time ago and recently found out you can see it on Google Earth quite clearly , so here is the Woy Woy Tip snake from space.
It is noted on a 2006 survey of the area as Aboriginal and I have no doubts that it is as there are stone arrangements on top of a lot of the ridges in this area.
Situated 800 metres east of the current land fill depot at South Woy Woy and at over 15 metres long , it's quite impressive.
It bugs me that people spend a lot of time pondering the Gosford Glyphs when great mysteries like this are in abundance.

 33°30'33.36"S  - 151°17'4.08"E

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Help from above

This is becoming a regular event , again on Saturday night the big Ambo chopper buzzed in from Sydney and landed on Ettalong Oval , here's a video I took a couple of weeks back showing the path it takes right over my house , it's a bit blurry as I used my digi cam to grab the footage , still haven't worked out the focus on that bit yet lol

Hot for Dogs


40 degrees.... geez