Friday, October 28, 2011

Easter Island Secrets Revealed

Easter Island

This pic showed up on Facebook and the debate was whether it was real or not , I did a bit of Googling about and it seems to be real , taken back in the 70's.
It shows that some of the statues on Easter Island are bigger than first thought and extend underground up to 30 feet
To me it explains the relaxed expression on the faces of the statues , under the cover of the soil they are secretly scratching their nuts

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hello where have I been ?

Skulking back into my dashboard I can only say it wasn't me , I was hibernating for the winter , I did lurk about tho ...


I battled on the cyber battlefields at World of Tanks , a hugely popular free online game that has many Aussies playing and lot of them are older players like myself who have a chuckle at destroying tanks commanded by impatient teenagers


I also seen some photos of cars being shipped to Africa for the new Mad Max movie....


And pondered mysterious Aboriginal carvings near Woy Woy , maybe a line of defense ?


and thought I better mow that lawn before Chewy disappears