Friday, July 17, 2015

Another mystery solved

A lonely workers memorial hidden behind the water tank on Blackwall Mountain , the scene of a tragic workplace accident that killed 2 local men ?
For years I have wondered about this , looked in Trove for newspaper articles , trawled through Birth Deaths an Marriages archives looking for the names of the deceased and asked many old time locals to avail 
With the help of the Facebook group Good Old Woy Woy the mystery has finally been solved  ....
The story goes that a crew of council workers excavating the rock with jackhammers for the new water tank created the memorial as a bit of a joke !
No those men are not dead but very much alive , another trick was to wire the jackhammer handle on and leave it running in a hole in the rock , then piss off to the pub while the sound of the jackhammer going would keep the bosses happy down at the council depot in Gallipoli Avenue

Good Old Woy Woy !

Article by Steve Spillard COPYRIGHT 2015