Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Woy Woy by Night

Taken back in 2008 , much to the amusement of by-passers who thought I was some kind of pervert with a camera lurking around in the dark corners of town ..
I have long been a fan of the art of Jeffery Smart , I discovered his work when I was an apprentice working at the Art Gallery of NSW , I have tried to emulate his style in these photos.

This is the new Catholic church on Blackwall affectionately known as the " biscuit tin " , you can't see the tin bit in this photo , this is a side view of the air conditioning ducts that had nice shadows of the trees on them.
When the church first opened I had to add a little commentary to my old blog

Recently the new church on Blackwall Road was opened and the new set of bells were brought into action for the first time. For years the local parish saved up and purchased the mammoth set of 3 bells that first roared out over the Peninsula just before Christmas.
The beaming Reverend John Hill was quoted as saying " These bells kick arse ! for years my poor parish has been bombarded in their homes by the local heathen population playing Black Sabbath and Megadeath at ungodly hours , but come Sunday there will be final atonement as these babies kick in ! "
Obviously the bretheren had done their research as the pastor detailed...
" We had the bells cast overseas in the same factory as the bells used by AC/DC on the Hells Bells Tour and Sister Mavis was trained to use the state of the art computer controlled bell ringing software that drives the 3 bells we have nicknamed
" Big Bopper " " Left Scrote " and " Right Scrote "

Church 3

The Sentinel , lamp post with rarely monitored security camera K-Mart carpark


Silo 8 - well Fire Stair 8 K-Mart carpark

Stairwell 8

Air Lock - top of staircase K-Mart carpark , sorry to the lady I scared the shit outta while taking this pic hehe

Lift Shaft

Car Park - I like the colours in this one , I should of taken the time to walk down and move those bloody trolleys outta shot :|

Carpark 1

The Shaking Poles of Woy Woy Town

Inspired by the last story and in need of some better pics , I headed into town last Saturday night to do some shooting.
It's hard to get some different looking pics to the usual fare , so I figured no one had taken night photos of Woy Woy before and set about my task , much to the bewilderment of some locals ( it's called art not stalking ffs )
Anyway when I get to this building my memory comes back and I am reminded of a tale from long ago ............
It's brisk and bitterly cold winter morning at Woy Woy station , waiting for the 5.17 am train to Central , my fellow travelers stand fast on the platform with backs to the waters of Woy Woy Bay in hope that the sun may come out just a tad earlier and warm our souls up.
There is always one lark who will wear shorts to work everyday ( even in mid winter ) , he stands there grinning as folk say to him " Aren't you f#@king cold mate ? " and replies " nah it ain't f#@king cold enough mate ! "
One morning this lark says to our assembled group " check out the flagpole on that building across the road , one is wobbling all over the place " and it was true , one of the twin flagpoles was going berserk wobbling like a giant had just flicked it with it's thumb !
Mind you there was no wind present and the wobbling did not slow down , we noticed this event for many mornings over the next few months. Theories abounded on what caused the pole to rattle , there was no wind or passing heavy traffic , it shook in cold or warm weather - maybe some sort of magnetic influence ?
The shaking became so evident that the staff inside the building noticed it and the pole was secured according to another bystander on the platform at Woy Woy , so that's the story of the shaking poles - only known by a few until now !

June 2008 - This is an old post from my blog , I need to clean up that web space so I will be moving selected stories from dat one to dis one over the next couple of weeks