Friday, September 5, 2008

10 things in my junkbox

Rainy day , closet cleanup , old stuff in box , 10 things that tell you something about their owner:

Bug Killer

1. Old "Woolstar" pump action pesticide sprayer , you used to fill it up yourself and use it to spray bugs , highly dangerous because you had to handle the chemicals , kids loved em cause they made dandy water pistols , but who ever washed them out first , no wonder young Timmy developed a nice set of breasts when he was 13 !

Dingoblue mousepad

2. Dingoblue mousepad - they were the coolest ISP ever , they gave you free stuff , never overcharged , always had the best connection - and they went broke ! ...... go figure :

Cannon shell

3. A cannon shell from a French tank , picked up off the battlefield in France in World War 1 by my grandfather and handed down to me when I was 12

Coca Cola yo-yo

4. My original Coca-Cola yo-yo from 6th grade at Woy Woy South Primary School , I bought it at Bourke Road shop for 50 cents I think , a good mint one will cost you $20 - $50 bux now on Ebay

Iraq's Most Wanted Playing cards

5. Iraq's Most Wanted playing cards - the first thing I ever bought online , I got em just to test out my credit card during the last invasion of Iraq , they gave these to the troops to identify the top 50 most wanted Iraqi's - Saddam was the ace of spades

Iron Maiden drumstick

6. A drumstick from the band Iron Maiden - I caught 2 of Clive Burr's sticks during a concert at the Capitol Theatre in the 80's , last tour they arrived in their own 747 piloted by the lead singer Bruce Dickinson

Swancott signed book

7. Signed copies of Charles Swancott's books on Woy Woy , Gosford and the Hawkesbury River

Air Force badges

8. Airforce badges and patches given to me by my grandfather and uncle , the patches are from the Australian jet fighter squadrons " Top Hat and Cane " and " Black Panther " my uncle flew Super Sabre jets back in the 50's before he went to Quantas

Goanna cream

9. No home would be complete without a tin of Goanna salve , handy for dandruff , excema , lumbago - you name it !

Rubiks cube

10. An original Rubiks cube from the 70's - still unsolved all these years - it was one fad I didn't get into , as you can see I considered peeling all the stickers off and doing it that way , but even that was too time consuming !

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