Sunday, September 28, 2008

Woy Woy virtual tours

A project I started last xmas involving sitting down and reading through C. Swancotts books , the archives of Gosford Council and anything else I could lay my hands on , marking down points of interest on Google Earth , then transferring it all over to Google Maps for your viewing pleasure.
Some of the placemarks contain links to photos on the web , I haven't re edited most of the tours so some links may not work - just paste them into your browser.
I may update these files at some time in the future or if you are handy you can copy my tour and add to it then send me the new files
Anyway enjoy
Here is the first one as an embedded tour on this page showing the location of the old Woy Woy R.A.A.F wartime airstrip , taxiways and hangar locations ( estimated positions based on National Archive files )

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Other virtual tours ( click on em ) :
Old housing estates and land holdings
Old tracks and Trails
Old residences and boarding houses
Old shops and utilities
Old wharves and shipyards
Miscellaneous places of interest


  1. Some great thingies there Steve.

  2. cheers spike
    yeh im just getting into these google map thingos
    they shall get more extravagant in time lol


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