Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Calamity Street Terrigal and poo by the sea

There must be one or perhaps two unlucky buggers living in Campbell Crescent , Terrigal.
A couple of weeks back a large truck mounted crane toppled over and cut power to Terrigal for some hours , and today a cement mixer has capsized and while on it's side the cement inside it set causing a major dilemma , at every attempt to right the beast , the set concrete in the tumbler caused the truck to tip back over.
Evidently some poor bastard had to climb inside and jackhammer it all out , that would have been fun today in the 30 degrees temperature we had , bet the neighbours loved the sound of that jackhammer clanging away all day
Pity they couldn't re create that Mythbusters episode where they faced the same dilemma , except these guys just put some gelignite inside and bam! - problem solved
I wonder if both these vechiles were working on the same job , I'll ask my tradey contacts around Terrigal.

Latest News from NBN 3 - Ettalong Beach has been declared unsafe for swimming by the EPA for having a higher than normal feceal coliform content ( shit ) This has been caused by runoff from stormwater drains that deposit right in the middle of the beach ( handy)
I suggest that Gosford Council extend the foreshore upgrade and piss that old stormwater drain off for once and all ...........

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