Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Woy Woy to Wyong

Living in Woy Woy all ones life is like being in a pair of your most comfortable shoes ( or flanno shirt for some : ) There is something about this place that makes it special , a long time ago when the first settlers arrived some sort of local pact was made never to employ convict labour on the Peninsula , it was only to be occupied by free men.
Various characters arrived and made their marks , there was a jovial mood among this mixed bunch of settlers as they all contributed eagerly to their new area's development.
The oddballs and the heroes gained respect and notoriety equally , there was a real sense of caring for your fellow man that perpetuates to this day .......
I am reminded of a time when I moved out of town north to the Wyong Shire , Lakehaven to be exact one of those new mega hectare suburbs that popped up overnight in the 80's
I had met a nice lass and had decided after a year to move into her home up there.
Leaving Woy Woy gave me an empty feeling and it felt like I had lost something when I did finally move.
While moving my stuff into the new house at Lakehaven , I had driven onto the empty block next door to drop my dog's kennel over the fence into the backyard.
While driving off the block I got the old Dodge ute bogged in the soft clay / muddy soil that pervades Wyong, bugger !
So I get the shovel out and set to task and spend quite some time digging , jacking , piling lumps of timber under the wheels and after several attempts I got the beast mobile and scarper onto the tar - much to the amusement of a few local kids and neighbours peering over their fences ....
Fast foward 4 years of domestic bliss followed by a sudden return to singledom on Valentines Day 2000 ( that is another story .... )
and I am returning to my old family home at Woy Woy , while moving my stuff back I kept looking at this tasty EH Holden sedan for sale at the end on my street.
On one of the last loads back I decide to pull over and check the car out ( maybe this could be the new single mans chick puller mobile I thinks to meself )
"Six thousand bucks for that ! it's got bog in it bah !" I imagine myself saying to the owner if he was there and walk back to the Dodge.
I then find myself bogged in the sandy soil out the front of this guys house, part of an old sand dune in my street.
I get out and walk down to my new house which was about 8 houses away and grab a shovel and walk back muttering to myself " de ja fucking vu or wot "
I get to the rear wheels and am about the throw the first shovel when a light table top truck pulls over and the driver leans out the window.
" Need a hand mate ? " he asks
" Sure do ! " I reply
In a few minutes we hook up a chain to the uterus and she is pulled clear , I thank the truck driver and I'm on my way.
I think back to the near exact event that happened 4 years ago , shake my head and say to myself " Welcome home "

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