Sunday, January 11, 2009

Belle and Billy's bees

I recently recieved an email from a reader who stumbled upon my blog for March 2008 titled " Shakespeare of Blackwall "

I am a grandson of the mentioned Belle (Margaret Isabel) Jaquet (nee Shakespeare) she only recently departed us, see this link.

She and husband Walter (dec. circa 1965) lived in the family farm at South Woy Woy (all the land bounded by the golf course, mountain, Veron Road and the railway line) almost until her death, with her half-brother William or Billy. Billy built and owned the block of flats next to the church you mentioned,continuing to inflict bees upon his tenants from that location. It was previously the site of the Shakespeare family home that Billy inherited upon the death of their father. Given the proximity of that and the Monkhouse residences, you would have to suspect that your conclusions are very likely accurate
The history of the Shakespeare family going back is quite interesting.
Many of the Shakespeare resting places of choice can be found in the Point Clare cemetery.
The local history going forward is just as interesting. Belle and Walter had two daughters, Dawn and June. Dawn (my mother) is still hail and
hearty and living in Sydney. June married Norman Dillon (son of George, nephew of Lou) whose name continues in Dillon’s Farm; still owned by Norman’s son Kevin. June is still alive and living in Umina. Many of the Shakespeare/Jaquet and Dillon resting places of choice can be found in the Point Clare cemetery.
Best regards,
David Marshall

Thanks Dave !

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