Friday, January 2, 2009

Holidays 2008 - 2009

Time for an update in the last days of my summer break as I slip into my old ways and assume the working position.
Christmas was nice and low key, a visit to mum at Branxston near Cessnock where a nice policeman relieved my wallet of 120 dollars for forgetting to bring my license along.

I affirmed to myself that yes my new neighbours were indeed of the feral variety and feel compelled to record the outbursts of F this and F that and place it on Youtube - just like I did to my last foul mouthed neighbour some years back

( Warning: this video contains very very foul language that may upset gentler folk and non residents )

Meanwhile I taught myself to build 3D models for Google Earth using Google Sketchup which is the best 3D design program I've come across , no headaches, just straight into modelling.

For my first model I decided to build the old Woy Woy picture theatre , using this old photo

Woy Woy Theatre

and came up with this

Woy Woy Theatre 1970's

The idea is to model all the old buildings in the main drag and around town to eventually have a 3D walkthrough of old time Woy Woy , of course you will need Google Earth to view all this. I'm starting off with the more basic looking type buildings as I hone my skills , I intend to build a re-creation of the Alecia Tearooms before the Commonwealth bank cut it into bits and am currently working on the Masonic Hall ( which is looking pretty fucking dandy if I say so myself lol ) You should also be able to download these models from the Sketchup site once I upload them


Big thanks to the folk in Gallipoli Avenue who left this washing machine out on the kerbside , yes it does work fine. Thanks for replacing my washing machine that blew up just before Xmas , another bill I didn't need !

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