Friday, February 27, 2009

Commuter Blues

A lack of posting denotes that I'm working in Sydney and don't have enough time or inspiration to do so , basically getting up at 4.30 am daily stuffs you
This making me angry , especially more when a dickhead in a White Camry overtakes you on a blind corner on Woy Woy Road , just scraping past a line of 3 cars and lordy what comes by the other way about 5 seconds later - a front end loader with it's bucket down , I hope you realise what may have happened if you were a tad slower , I doubt I would have stopped to help you ( I've had to do this before on the same corner )

and to top things off

Something happened on Bulls Hill on Friday , coming in all the way from Kariong to the top of the hill the traffic was turned back and we had to head down the hill into West Gosford , it took me 1 and a half fucking hours to get home as every man and his dog piles into Gosford at this time of day.

Serenity now ( actually 4 bourbons done the trick )

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