Monday, March 2, 2009


A few weeks back I received an email from Esse Newman a descendant of the Davis family from Blackwall and Davistown. Esse had seen my article on Rock Davis the shipbuilder in a recent edition of the Peninsula News and was after any information I had. Esse was tracing back her family tree as a gift to her grandmother Rhys Davis and I passed on what I had , most of my story came from the memoirs of Ephraim Ward which were re told in Swancotts book Good Old Woy Woy , this book and others he penned are invaluable research tools.
My mother purchased these books in the 60's from the man himself , in fact she used to wheel me in the pram down to his house in Booker Bay and sit there and listen to his stories with me on his lap , the books I now use are signed copies and are very rare.

And last night I received an email from Dave Coggins who was researching his relatives, Jerry and Addie Mahony , funnily enough my last article for the paper mentions this colourful old Woy Woy character who seemed to attend every town event.

Dave also sent me a link to the website he has built which contains photos and stories about his family in Woy Woy in the 1900's , Addie Mahony had guest houses at Spion Kop and then Woy Woy Bay , the site is an absolute treasure trove of old time reminisences and photos of the old Railwayview guesthouse , definately worth a visit so do click on this link , you won't be disapointed

Thanks Dave


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