Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here but lurking

Apologies to anyone who regularly drops by and has noticed a lack of posts , I'm sure you checked out all my links and old posts anyway ........
Work and the pain in the arse of having to change my business structure twice this year has kept me busy , the time I do make it to the puter is for relaxation only and I've been playing War Rock again ( or pwning nubs as they say ) and visiting Facebook and making silly groups like Bring back Cheese Um Pringles ! , Mirror photos - your camera has a self-timer dickhead ! and the most popular one so far - If you don't like Woy Woy .....Fuck Off back to Sydney !
Over 150 people joined it last week - feel the power lol

Bit of a hiatus on writing new articles for the Peninsula News or doing any local research of walks for now , but that will resume later on.

Some local gossip though from my man in the bottlo ...
Evidently there is some mysterious artist person living in the old Masonic building in Woy Woy Town , if you drive by you can see the occasional open window and the erection of steel concrete mesh inside the lower floor.
Wonder what he's up too ?

I always wanted to buy the place and turn it into a nightclub , my ingenious idea was to change the lettering on the building facade so it said Sonic Club instead of Masonic - clever eh ?
Ah dreams .......


  1. hey tht was my idea about a nightclub (awesome spot!)
    How about the old general store on the next corner - Jazz/Wine Bar....
    come on you can do it!

  2. I did actually think about that building as well , its a bit ugly , coat of paint and a new awning and it could be a goer , investors apply here .........

  3. Sonic ClubHur hur!

    If you don't like Woy Woy .....Fuck Off back to Sydney !I like it.

  4. Blasted blogger reformatting my comments.

    Maybe it's got dopoids (today's verif).


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