Saturday, April 25, 2009

Your parents are Bogans if .........

1. Your name is Harley.
2. You have a rats tail and mullet hair cut and mum thinks it looks cool , kids at school bash you .
3. They buy some new artwork for the loungeroom wall - a Jim Beam poster.
4. They wear fake Chinese made Harley Davidson gear , but don't own a Harley or even a car.
5. On Sunday night the whole family rides down to the Salvos store to scab through the donations left outside over the weekend.
6. You have spent more than 2 hours outside of Woy Woy courthouse on a Tuesday.
7. Lots of people come to your house at all hours and only stay for 5 minutes.
8. Your real father is in gaol ( or " working in Western Australia on an oil platform " as mum says )
9. You only have to clean your room when D.O.C.S visits.
10. They buy a pet for the kids - a pit bull x bull mastiff.

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