Thursday, September 17, 2009

Flight of Fancy revealed ........

A while back when I first downloaded Google Earth I discovered a shot of a jet flying what appeared to be very low along Mooney Creek , I posted my find on the Google Earth community forum and it was identified as a cargo plane belonging to a courier mob ( DHL I think ) and I forget what type it is
anyway ....... to me it looked like it was damn low considering it's size compared to a nearby oyster barge it even looks like you can see its reflection in the water but after the forum post I was informed its some kind of digital imaging glitch , so I kept a copy knowing that one day the whole map will get updated and that scene will be gone , and it has a few months back.

Plane I spotted in flight on Google Earth
* Note size of plane in relation to the oyster barge which could be at most 30 - 40 feet in length

While working one day at smoko break , I was talking to a carpenter who had been working on a house at Mooney recently , he mentioned one day at smoko time he looked up and spotted a jet flying at about 100 feet above the water ( if that ! it was level with the house they were working on the point there ) by the time hed had alerted his work mates it was long gone , it was then I told him about the pics , we were both relieved as both of our stories are now validated

Low flying jet
* Plane located between Cheerio Point and Snake Island , Mooney Mooney Creek , Pacific Highway in lower left hand corner

Some bugger in a jet flying cargo into Sydney is flying low level ala Star Wars Death Star run style up Mooney Creek regularly ! and it's been going on for years it seems

Onya ya buddy thats one way to beat those working blues !


  1. Thought at first it was the traffic watch/coast watch plane but its wings are too slender i think.

  2. evidently its about the size of a lear jet


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