Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Your tin roof ..............dusty !

Whoa mother of all dust storm hit us at dawn yesterday , sand blown all the way from inland smothered the eastern seaboard for most of the day , a hellish red dawn awaited us as we woke.

Dust storm , The Entrance NSW

I was working at The Entrance and got these pics before we packed up and called it a day , I was going to get some local ones on the Peninsula but decided I didn't need the asthama attack and headed indoors.
Evidently some smart arse bought a box of paper dusts mask and was selling them for a nice profit at Woy Woy Station

The Entrance 7 a.m

The local car wash and house washing businesses shall do a roaring trade no doubt in the coming weeks


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  1. selling them

    What a wanker! I was giving the bastards away. Had a stash under the sink.

    Lovely photo by the way up the top there.


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