Thursday, October 15, 2009



Had to have a chuckle a the recent attempt by Vegemite to call it's new blend iSnack 2.0 , massive fail all round as you may have read in the media , it's now called Cheesybite , I thought Cheesymite would have been a natural choice though
Anyway I've had enough of the iWankery that advertisers carry on with to sound hip and weblike to the younger set, but really nothing has changed over the years ,every decade has it's buzz word.......
The 60's - Fantastic was the most common used term to enhance a product , from cartoon heroes to vacuum cleaners
The 70's - Super was the word most commonly used to describe the latest hippest objects of desire like cars and rock bands
The 80's - Turbo was the in word , geez there was even turbo disposable shavers , and of course with the demise of the V8 temporarily due to the fuel crisis and recession , every little 4 pot jap car had one.
The 90's - Mega was the latest incarnation for this decade , it was street hip with the kids and fast food outlets.
The 00's - yes sadly after the ipod there was ifucking everything , still have a chuckle at the iVibe though ......gawd

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