Sunday, December 6, 2009

December already

My how time flies , must be all this work , I've had little time to commit to anything lately , too buggered after work , too hot to sit near the p.c ( must get some free insulation )
Speaking of , I dunno whats going on here but someone broke into my brothers house and installed insulation in the ceiling about a week back , no one see who done it despite him being on a main road , I spose he will have to wait to see who tries to bill him or maybe some dodgy buigger has already worked out a way to scam dollars doing this = weird anyway...........
Been working at Palm Beach and Paddington for the last couple of months , hence my lack of blogging , a long day heading down the old F3 everyday , but after several years all 3 lanes are now open , hasn't made the traffic flow any better , dickheads still hog the fast lane and the bottleneck at Wahroonga reaches the Big Dipper every day now :|
Got bored last saturday nite it was so fucking hot so I downloaded some stop motion animation software and made this lol

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