Monday, January 11, 2010


Recently I was asked by the owner of a Facebook group called SPOOKS Paranormal Investigation Service to comment and analyse photos that are submitted to the group from time to time, while I'm no photo expert I reckon I can spot a good photoshop job a mile away , and can expalin some common camera type errors.
All of the photos I have looked at are mostly dust and moisture specs causing an orb like effect etc and can be easily explained , but this one takes the cake ....

Ghostly Image

Look between the legs of the 2nd and 3rd ladies from the left , this photo was taken with a mobile phone and appears un edited , the child in the foreground is the only child in the room according to the owner of the photo.

Can't explain this un


  1. Creepy and makes you wonder why the chld is crying.

  2. Evidently the ghost of this little girl likes to upset the child pictured , she also wanted to be " one of the girls " by the looks , damn creepy yes
    Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. Don't we all seek out other humanoids in the ether? More than just habit perhaps. I derive joy from communing on my winedarksea, especially when having a really good whinge, or feeling the words starting to gel so nice and have people respond. I think it is so good to find company and then return to the lair and put the blanket over my head.

    This comment, of course, has nothing to do with ghost stories but your column on the right!
    Spooky photo though. Smallgirlchild has obviously not been trained yet to understand that ghosts do not exist.

  4. I must credit that blurb to a chat user that entered a chatroom I was once in , I copied it down for some reason , only to re read it again several years later , it made sense after my over indulgences in interweb romances , it's there as a reminder of a path not to be walked down again lol

    A lot of those photos I examine are errors and and things that people wish were ghosts , I am a sceptic first which gives me an unbiased angle to start with , what I will say though is that person is now posting photos of "orbs" a common camera error , thus making the pic here harder to believe

  5. That is very weird. I got no explanation for it, other than to agree that orb postings do not add to a person's rep.


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