Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to the grind :|

My brief holiday is now over this week I returned to work , not to bad I'm working on the edge of Cochrone Lagoon at Mc Masters beach , the house I'm painting used to belong to the old postmaster back in the 20's , it's next door to the old post office ( of course )

Some pics from years back at the lagoon

Mc Masters Lagoon



And what's up with people stealing my shit off my sites ? It's not like I'm uncontactable ffs !
Firstly the Peninsula News helped themselves to one of my stories , sure I've written for them before , but a quick email would have been nice , I would have written up a special article like I have before ...
Secondly some kids from Facebook pinched some of my pics and stuck them in a public gallery they own
The correct procedure is to ask the site owner if they could use some photos and return the favour by linking back to me the owner.
But since they just helped themselves and then had the audacity to argue the point , I demanded they remove them .. ffs !

Had another bash at stop motion animation , takes bloody ages !

I like to follow the exploits of the Sea Shepherd mob each year as they take on the Japanese whaling fleet , this year they have 2 boats , the Steve Irwin and a high tech ocean racer called Ady Gil , the Ady Gil is also known as the Earthrace bio diesel yacht that visited the coast just over a year ago , it's been painted black - the team colour of Sea Shepherd
The Japs have wised up this year and have been giving the lads a hard time playing chase the tail in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary ,but on last report they have finally turned the upper hand and are out running the Jap security vessels , better still they have located the main whaling fleet are are now at full steam towards to thanks to a new mysteriious player in the whale wars - Taz Patrol.
No one seems to know who Taz Patrol is , it seems that they are Aussies who have aquired a vessel and are mounting their own campaign against the Japs.
They have been tracking them since just after xmas and have finally hunted them down only to run low on fuel so they are returning to port , but not before handing over the co ordinates to Paul Watson , Captain of the Sea Shepherd
All I can find on Taz Patrol is this Twitter page , they sound like Aussies ...

# Reached EEZ limit. Starting search for whaling security vessel. 10:17 AM Dec 30th, 2009 from web

# Happy New Year to everyone except the whalers. To those scum: head's up, we're coming for ya. 8:18 AM Dec 31st, 2009 from web

# Conditions been difficult recently. One large wave hit side on. The old girl is handling amazingly well. We continue our search. 12:34 PM Jan 1st from web

# Radar Contact!!! As yet unknown vessel 4:17 PM Jan 1st from web

# Whaling vessel found! Nearly 300nm south Tasmania. NOT Shonan Maru 2 visual shows superstructure is one of Yushin Maru class (1, 2 or 3) 7:19 AM Jan 2nd from web

# Fuel situation required us to head back to port soon after confirming contact.Over half way back to port now running at most efficient speed 8:30 AM Jan 3rd from web

They sound almost military and I love the bit about old girl is handling amazingly well sounds like an old war movie

Go Taz Patrol ! you are getting a following !


  1. I suppose you followed me back from an anti whaling blog somewhere you dog eating oxygen waster , guess you get reported for spam eh

  2. Hello Woy Woy Steve. I just found you by googling Taz Patrol. I'm interested too. Been blogging the spy planes issue at www.thawinedarksea.blogspot.com
    Think I'll be following ...
    Cheers, Sarah

  3. Hi Sarah
    I've been getting a ton of traffic from the Taz Patrol bit , seems like a lot of us are the same , the Twitter page has gone quiet now ,checked your blog out and have added it
    Thanks for dropping by

  4. BTW, WWS, those teens or you do not own the rights to the photos posted on Facebook (anymore). Facebook does. Did you know that? My sis did some research on FB for her librarian studies and discovered that images are automatically signed over to FaceBook, as soon as they are posted.

  5. Yeh thats a touchy subject that came up a year or so back , they do have some ownership while the images are hosted by them , but you can still submit Copyright and Intellectual Property claims to anything posted on FB as well ( if not being posted by you ) , I had the complaint form all ready to go

  6. Yeah, Facebook or whoever can have a go at violating international and national copyright laws but that don't change the law.

    I hate `em. The wankers have more dodgy scripting etc than a porn site.


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