Saturday, May 1, 2010

Myth Busting

Freshly cut east wall 1983

Some more information about the Gosford Glyphs has become available since my last post , after observing my discussions at Save the Sacred Land at Kariong , a concerned citizen sent me a zip file containing some interesting photos.
These are copies of the original photos taken by the NPWS in 1983 when they conducted a full scientific evaluation of the site.
From the photos you can see the entire east wall has been recently cut and more importantly you can see that the ears on the Anubis glyph are not quite finished , some time afterwards the artist returned to finish up.

Anubis 1983

Anubis 2007 - note ears now finished , this is a detail only the original artist would have returned to do

The freshly cut glyphs show spalling chips around the outline of each figure , this is unavoidable when carving sandstone unless you have proper tools and running water.
I now have a timeline of pics of this Anubis fella from 1983 to 2010 and there is no evidence of it being entirely re carved since then.
Another part of the myth is the several set of stairs carved into the rock around the site , a quick email to the boffins at Elvina confirmed that these stairs were carved by E.F Gilford back in the 1930's.

Stairs carved by E.F Gilford 1930's

As mentioned in my earlier post , Mr Gilford was quite in awe of the local Aboriginal carving around his property and carved the stairs for the many visitors he took on tours around the bush from his farm near the site.

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  1. the two pictures of anubis are not the same, either the 1983 image is distorted or (my conclusion)they are different images rather than a later version of the same.

    As an artist and a sculptor I thought there were discrepancies between them so I overlaid the images to confirm my suspicions, I can't make the images match up.

  2. An artist / sculptor but not a geologist or archaeologist or someone familiar with photography I suspect either ....
    Firstly look at the sedimentary bands in the sandstone in both pics - exactly the same
    And now think ... 2 different photos taken by 2 different persons at different times , could it be that the angle of the photo is slightly different in both pics ? hence you wont be able to overlay them , pretty simple.
    And before you reply why would someone bother to fake these pics as there is a plenty of evidence to prove the whole glyphs site is a modern day prank.


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