Saturday, June 12, 2010

F**k it's cold

Nice n Warm


  1. I dunno how you can go out on the water in winter mate lol your a better man than me Ms Toa

  2. Believe it or not (and you may if you are scientifically minded) apart from getting wet cold feet on aluminium checkerplate, the sea is always warmer than land.
    Sometimes at night we come in from a perfectly pleasant night at sea and feel the chill of the land, as we get closer. It hits really suddenly. I think the water more or less keeps a stable temp, while the land heats up and cools down rapidly.
    But primarily - good wet weather gear is my friend.

    It has been really cold here too though - takes me back to Tasmanian and NZ days - in the evenings, I only drop in on those folk who have firewood!


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