Saturday, June 19, 2010

Postcard from Woy Woy

I drive down the road at 6 P.M to get some takeaway , a young father with a can of Jim Beam in his hand steadies a shopping trolley with his other hand , in the shopping trolley is his daughter standing up as they wheel down the road into oncoming headlights.

An old guy with his small dog on a lead bends down to pick up a hubcap that has come off a passing car , he props it up against a telegraph pole so that the owner may find it on his next pass.

Four pre teen boys gather outside the BP servo and pool their money together to buy several cans of the energy drink called Speed

Several bewildered English tourists from the large resort stand on the footpath in Ettalong wondering where the hell they have landed and where is everyone

Teenage girls wearing hoodies walk down the main streets staring into the screens of their mobile phones.

The little takeaway I get smoko from went upmarket , I used to get a bacon and egg roll , a slice of banana cake and a Chocolate Oak for $9.80
Now I get a breakfast wrap , a Byron Bay cookie and a Chocolate Oak for $12.80


  1. Love it Woy Woy, a nice little snapshot.
    do they really make an energy drink called Speed? My son's adolescent skin is taking hits left right and centre from 'mothers' at the moment. Us bunch of mothers today decided we find it offensive - but we are not quite sure why because there is more than one reason ...

    anyway, an excellent post, thanks

  2. Bloody hell! Is that the take-away across from the cinema? The fish & chips opposite IGA is still the same so far. I like a nice little crowded fish&chips with chatty chicks behind the counter.

  3. Yes Sara they did sell a drink called Speed here a while back , it got taken off the shelves , I find it a bit of a worry myself at least in my day you had Fags lollies then you progressed onto ciggys and then maybe pot n nowadays its Red Bull and straight onto crystal meth and E - go figure

    Spike nah this is the little shop in Rawson Rd , one of the oldest trading stores on the peninsula been open since the 1940's

  4. With you now. That one that's a metre square inside and services the tradies and trucks and won't sell the SMH.


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