Friday, July 2, 2010

Bambara Road Saga

Last Friday the Lands and Environment Court released it's decision on the current development application by Glenndining, Minto and Associates to build 7 dwellings along Bambara Road at Kariong - the DA was knocked back much to the delight of the 2000 + members of the Save the Sacred Lands at Kariong group on Facebook and other concerned folks.
A hint of the impending decision was the sudden appearance of 2 blocks of land for sale at Bambara Road a fortnight ago , some guessed it was the owner trying to cash up before the banks moved in or trying to catch someone out before the final verdict made the blocks virtually un buyable ( is that a new word ? spellchecker dun like it )
One must now ask how the owner got inside info on the decision before it was made public and was able to list some of the lots for sale .......
So now it is time for Gosford Council and the NPWS to make good and buy the lots , let's hope this time it actually happens.
In the meanwhile interest has not subsided on the nearby Glyphs site , I have had a couple of comments so far on my last update , mostly by what I call " believers " who have left rather terse comments and then not replied once challenged to present valid proof of their " theories "
I think this page will be entertaining for some time

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  1. Would hate to see the glyphs go. They are delightfully nutty and so are their believers.


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