Saturday, September 11, 2010

Baldrick comes to Woy Woy

I was contacted by the producers of an upcoming documentary this week , they are doing a short historical piece about Australia.
One of the subjects they wish to cover is the infamous Gosford Glyphs and after lenghty research the producer thought they would get in contact with me after reading my articles about the subject.
The series will be narrated by Tony Robinson who is famous for his role in Blackadder and more recently shows like Time Team which is a personal favourite of mine.
Hopefully I will get an invite up there on the day of filming , I spent a good half hour on the phone giving the producer a good background on the glyphs and have offered to guide them into the site.
I won't hold my breath though , recent dealings with media types like NBN 3 and the Central Coast Express Advocate have been a waste of time.

I'll be famous one day and get out of painting ........

Sorry about my lack of posting lately but I have been getting my other blog off the ground , funny it took a few years to get any sort of decent traffic to this one and yet in 2 weeks I have respectable readership and 2 followers on the other one

Funny Dat

p.s This post was originally titled Blackadder comes to Woy Woy - my mistake lol


  1. Phuck your gonna be Phamous!
    Re the popularity your new blog, you will probably find that is because it is more specialised and getting more solid search results. But you know that dontcha?
    i like this blog because of its slightly random content and also your connection to the country where you live. Don't go just yet.

  2. Yeh Sarah your right about the search results , the traffic has slowed a tad as I seemed to have broken a modelling taboo and that is to work in different scales , 1/72 people are different and don't like the 1/35 stuff lol
    Thanks for your comments as well they are appreciated !

  3. Some of this stuff is from your neck of the woods. You might be interested...

  4. Thanks for that Sara , I hadn't seen that before , some interesting stuff around here , I have some stuff from a local expert I'll post up soon


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