Thursday, October 7, 2010

2GO away please

Sometimes while working on a building site you have to come to a compromise on what radio station everyone listens to.
I prefer 2JJJ which is has no ads and plays a variety of unheard of stuff usually , this doesn't gel with the average tradie and usually gets a response of "Whatsthisfuckenshitwearelisteningto"
This week we have been listening to the sad old local stalwart 2GO , what shits me about this radio station is that it seems to be stuck in some bad 80's shit music time warp , music from around the time all your school mates got married and had kids.
For them life ended and to relive those heady teenage years they listen to the last good music they were exposed to before the parenting life began.
2GO has Bon Jovi on high rotation and in the afternoon they play "What Bon Jovi song is that ?"
I need to remind 2GO of some facts.....
Bon Jovi has not toured here in years
Bon Jovi has not released an album in years
Bon Jovi is not currently rating in any music chart
No one from Bon Jovi has died
Please release the zombies from the time warp you are brainwashing them into for goodness sake !


  1. apparently, not that I would know, they play that kind of music in brothels so guys can feel like teenage heartthrobs again ...
    It's the innane chatter I can't handle, like they're trying to fill in space between the ads. Boring ol' radio national myself. I can't live without it!

  2. I cant verify the 80's music in brothels story lol , I'd prefer Nine Inch Nails or summin
    But yeh it's the pathetic drivel that irks me most , there is more to life than what happened on Next Cooking Idol Renovation and what new drug Lindsay Lohan is into now , who the fuck is she anyway !


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