Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Facebook shitfight

Deary me ........

Joanne XXXXXX 20 November at 08:50
Geez you're a touchy fella. Am deleted

Steve S 01 December at 16:52
Firstly " Geez you're a touchy fella " this might be calling the kettle black dont you think ? , you are still hurting over something I have been alleged to have done over 6 months ago and have left unsavoury comments on my public wall no less than 3 times.
Lets get this straight - I have never accused you of " being backward "and have not placed any terse comments on your wall have I now ? , I think this may go back to when I posted that LMGTFY link yes ? I thought you would enjoy that link and enjoy the small humor of it , but then again I have no sense of humor as you have accused me of before ......
So let me clear that up for you as well , I have been online since 1999 and have seen every bogan racist abo joke email ten times over , to me I got a slight chuckle the first time I saw these but to be honest this kind of humour is low brow and not my cup of tea - sorry !
Also , I belong to a local history research group that is currently researching the fate of the local Aborigine population , because this needs to be taught in local schools , shit we never learn't anything about our local area at school did we ?
You will be pleased to know that we first shot and killed the local Aborigines like dogs , and then introduced the first case of germ warfare being used in Australia and deliberately infected the Aborigine population with smallpox , those that weren't killed from this were massacred in a single night by a posse of soldiers who rode camp to camp and shot men . women and children while they lay asleep.
I have an account of over 200 Aboriginal skeletons being found at Pearl Beach in 1890 , the poor fuckers were so weak they couldn't bury their own dead , so forgive me if I am slightly passionate about this subject.
You might be interested to read about what I have researched so far or even print out a copy for your kids or even shove one in the face of the teachers at your local school http://home.iprimus.com.au/blazelands/woywoy/bungaree.htm
Anyway I hope you apreciate the fact I have taken the time to explain my actions clearly and if you feel that you may have been a little out of order and might want to offer the slightest apology then please re add me
Merry Christmas


  1. Wicked. That's a good format for a story within a story. You should write a book about this dark history via FB chats, make a million bucks. Then delete the 'friend'.

  2. Theres a great history of the local Aboriginals here conveniently being forgotten and eradicated by the local and state governments , good people are amassing what is on record now before it's all gone , I have spoken to local filmakers who reckon it would be one hell of a tale , sadly one that would require a multi million dollar budget to do it justice


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