Monday, November 22, 2010

Postcard from Woy Woy Part 2

Traditionally summer is my quiet time on the net , I slack off on my blogs and sites that I frequent , this year started a bit earlier as work has gone into overdrive and a lot of that has been in Sydney making the days long and short of free time.
Expect a burst of activity around Xmas when I go on hols.

Beiber Heads
A seen a flock of Beiber Heads in Umina last night as observed them while I was waiting for my burger to get cooked.
A group of young lads were seated outside of the takeaway shop , they all sported Justin Beiber-esque type hair cuts and every now and again they would jerk their heads to one side to adjust the hairline , one wonders if this habit will continue unintentionally into adulthood and eventually cause some kind of RSI type injury of neck muscles.

The Lanies
I am a member of a unique group of people who live in the dunny lanes of Woy Woy town , back in days of old when you had a backyard outdoor dunny , the dunnymen used to drive their trucks down the specially built lanes at the rear of everyones house at 4 a.m in the morning.
They would sneak in via your back gate and change the tin over in your dunny , then would take the full one out and load it onto the truck and dump it in the National Park in an approved dump that eventually leached into the local water table doh
Years later in the 80's a zoning change meant lot's of people with quarter acre blocks wacked a fence across the middle and turned their back garages / sheds into "studio apartments " and rented them out.
I am renting one of these studio apartments , it's rough and cheap but it's big , well big enough to park 3 cars in ....
Lot's of other folk live in my laneway , we are all single it seems , but that's not by choice , it's because our leases won't allow more than 1 person to live on the property.
We keep an eye out for each other and close unattended gates when we accidentally leave them open and block the laneway traffic , on Tuesday night we all wheel our bins down the lane to the end and back up the street to park them outside the front property of our respective units , I'm lucky I only live 6 houses from the end so I only have to wheel my bin for the distance of 12 houses.
A couple of weeks back some one was getting chased by the cops and he tried to take refuge in the lanes , a wrong turn led him into a dead end blocked by the council to stop people pissing off from the cops worked to well and he ended up going through a fence and into some guys swimming pool , the fence got rebuilt before I could get some pics - bugger !

Military Modelling
I have had to slow down on building models as my eyesight is completely shot , 10 years of pissing about on my computer every night , playing wargames and just old age I guess is to blame as well , time to get some glasses - bugger !

Woy Woy
Is sporting 2 rather large cranes that are being used on the new car park extensions at Deepwater Plaza , the view from them must be fantastic , I will try and do a run round the place and get some pics of all the new constructions and demolitions that have been going on


  1. woy woy steve... I see you follow spike but his last entry was in september... is he still writing? thanks.D.A.

  2. Hi I don't have any contact with Spike apart from commenting on his blog , he is having some problem with the comments on his page and other weird htmlish errors , and it seems he has been unwell , I hope he gets back online soon :)


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