Sunday, May 23, 2010

Google Models Feedback

My Google models seem to be quite popular , it's getting into the hundreds of downloads , I got a comment on one of them a while back that I have been meaning to post

Woy Woy Theatre
Woy Woy Theatre
Lovely to see you attempting this. My family owned the theatre for a considerable time until its demolition. I spent virtually every Friday and Saturday night there unti I was 16. I helped clean it; I worked in the biobox. While much of the sketch is correct, it misses some important points--at least from the time when I was there. Most important was that there was a small lolly shop to the left(as you face the building) of the long line of front doors as you have depicted them. On the right the wall was used for posters of coming attractions--there was no window into the lobby. You would be interested to know that there was an upstairs "smoking lounge" for the customers who afforded to sit in the upstairs Circle. Also upstairs but at the rear of the building was a reasonable size meeting hall given over to meetings of the Rotary. The windows of that room overlooked the Woy Woy sports field--and the rather smelly loos against the back fence.
Lee Shipley.

The theatre model was my first attempt at modelling on Google Sketchup , so it's a bit plain looking , I made a few other models soon after , you can find them here , if you have Google Earth you can view them in 3D


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