Monday, September 21, 2009

Best pies on the Peninsula

Been meaning to do this for a while now , I like a good pie and have tested all that are offered in the area several times over the years.
These ratings are based on the standard meat pie / and any other accruments available

2/5 Colonial Bakery - Woy Woy - Not a bad pie , the meat tastes a bit too gravyish to me , pastry to thin for my liking , they also make pisser jam donuts and are nice blokes to boot.

3/5 Umina Mall Bakery - Umina - Nice pies , consistant quality , mincey but not too much gravy , sometimes a bit salty, nice pastry. I find the cakes they sell are usually a few days old and getting a bit chewy

4/5 Umina Bakehouse - opp OB Hotel Umina - Good pies , nice chunks of meat and good flaky pastry. Nice selection of fresh cakes as well

4/5 Bremmens Patisserie - Umina - Big pies , lots of filling , nice pastry , but I find the fillings a tad bland and the filling to pastry ratio is outta whack. Award winning pastries but sometimes not up to scratch , especially my fave choccy donuts :|

5/5 Ettalong Pie Shop - Ettalong - The pie eaters nirvana , people travel from all over the coast to sample the wares , street crediblity is there as most pie lovers know exactly which shop we mean, the pies are tasty and big , pastry perfect and the ham and cheese puffs are the shitzbah
Ain't had a jam and real cream scones like these since grandmas , I could eat the whole shop
Service is great !

Found a new local site which is promoting an upcoming town event at Umina which includes some sort of pie eating comp , looks interesting hmmm go to


  1. Colonial Bakery

    That's the one next to the chemist what used to be the Pizza Hut next to the post office?

    Which one was Olive's pie shop do you know?

  2. Yep thats it, dunno which one was Olives fave tho


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